Vacation Network Inc Expands Destinations, Website for 2010

Friday March 26, 2010 – Vacation Network Inc., one of the nations leading providers of discount vacation packages, recently announced an expanded selection of travel destinations available to their clients. In addition to the new world-class hot spots, Vacation Network Inc has made upgrades to their website that enhances the user experience and makes it easier than ever to book an exciting getaway.

“Our goal has always been to make world-class vacations available to our clients,” said Linh Dinh, president of Vacation Network Inc. “And with our newest destinations available online, our clients can see that partnering with Vacation Network Inc means the world is truly open for them to travel.”

In addition to a comprehensive selection of the globes most exciting travel destination, Vacation Network’s website has been enhanced to feature a fully interactive map that helps clients discover which region of the world they want to visit. This new map, which is now larger and more streamlined than in the past, also allows users to view each region and sub region available on a single page.

Now, it’s as easy as just clicking on a desired continent of their choice to discover the vast array of resort destinations available to them through Vacation Network Inc. They can also find a description of the region, recommended resorts to stay at, as well as area highlights. And with the click of one button, they are taken directly to a reservation request form to book the trip of their dreams.

“Since we initially launched the site in 2000, we have seen the number of clients using the website to plan their vacations increase each year,” said Teddy Kavadas, general manager for Vacation Network Inc. “So we wanted to do everything we could to make using this tool a simpler, faster process.”

For those who aren’t sure where they should go on their next trip, the site’s new map also allows users to search by specific activities they want to participate in while vacationing. So whether you are an avid golfer, want the challenge of world-class hiking trails, or enjoy horseback riding on the beach, Vacation Network In can help tailor the perfect trip for you. The site can even help you search for exclusive deals on Vacation Network’s ever so popular Excess Inventory list.

“We believe all of this continues to help Vacation Network Inc offer the best service and value available,” said Dinh. “The combination of new designations and website features truly keeps Vacation Network Inc at the forefront of the travel industry.”