For a complete retreat from civilization, visit the unspoiled beaches of the Gulf Islands National Seashore. Sparkling blue waters and pristine white sand comprise the landscape on the barrier islands of East Ship, West Ship, Horn and Petit Bois, and the Ocean Springs campground, set aside by Congress as a national park. If you’re searching for a little more excitement, picture an early morning on the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You can watch a glorious sunrise on board a gently rocking boat, enjoying the taste of the salt in the air. Suddenly, there’s an energetic tug on the line and you experience the fight of your life as the 40-pound mackerel on the other end tries to break free. With the captain and first mate cheering you on, you wrestle the trophy fish onto the deck – the first catch of the day. Or, if your preferred type of excitement focuses more on manicured greens, the resorts of the Mississippi Gulf Coast are home to seascape golf courses for all levels. The 14 championship courses available enable golfers to enjoy a two-week vacation and never play the same course twice.


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