Ferienpark Oberallgaeu

Missen-Wilhams, Germany The Ferienpark Oberallgaeu is situated in a quiet region built on a hill overlooking Missen, a small village. Facilities include indoor pool, sauna, solarium, bar, restaurant, ski school and ski lift. The resort is ideally situated for excursions to the popular, world famous castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, Lake Constance, (Bodensee) Austria and […]

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HIGH DEMAND: January-December

A reunited Germany offers the traveler a unique experience. Today one country exists where previously there were two, and although the 40 year division was an artificial one, differences that developed during this period will take some years to even out. Travelers crossing from West to East

Germany will soon notice the big gap in wealth between the two. In western Germany, healthy economy has resulted in cared for cities, town and villages and in a manicured countryside. In eastern Germany, many cities and rural areas are scarred by a 19th century approach to industrialization that had little or no concern for the environment. However, the former Communist authorities did attempt to preserve and renovate historic buildings. As a result, some of the smaller towns that escaped the ravages of World War II and until now, the intrusions of the car retain an almost medieval air.

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