Alpine Club

Schladming, Austria The Alpine Club overlooks the town of Schladming close to the famous downhill ski-course “Planai” and is a great place to visit any time of the year. The resort has its own leisure center, restaurant and bar. In the winter months, guests have access to snow skiing, tobogganing, ice skating and curling. And […]

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HIGH DEMAND: January-December

What Austria lacks in size, it more than makes up for in diversity. Its Alps and mountain lakes in the central and southern provinces rival those of neighboring Switzerland; the vast Vienna Woods remind some of the Black Forest, the steppes of the province of Burgenland blend with those across the border in Hungary; and the vineyards along the Danube rival those of the Rhine and Mosel river valleys. In addition, nobody else has a Vienna or a Salzburg – or such pastry shops.

vacation in Austria gets you close to nature and allows you to get to know the people and the wonderful traditions. Austria’s landscapes are incredibly varied and the options are endless. Be it a relaxing walk or skiing the great outdoors in the Austrian Alps. Keep in mind that you are never far from historic city centers, cultural events and gourmet restaurant.

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