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Tips for Filling Out the Reservation Request Form

To make vacation planning easy, we encourage you to review the tips below and/or contact the reservation department with any questions or concerns.

Reservation Request Form

*When submitting a Reservation Request Form for a condominium, suite or villa:

Please be as flexible as possible. Requests are made by the resort area, not by a specific resort. Also, when requesting one resort area, please provide at least three alternate travel dates. If you must travel during one specific period, provide at least three alternate resort areas. Requests must be received with your Condo Rental fee or processing fee, which ever is applicable to your package. If you are traveling during low season, please send your request 60 days in advance from travel dates, 90 days in advance for prime season, and 180 days in advance for all Holidays and Special Events. (Please refer to the Seasonality Guide for guidance)

*When requesting an upgrade with your reservation request:

When submitting your Reservation Request Form please keep in mind 1- bedroom condominiums, suites, and villas accommodate up to 4 people. If your party exceeds 4 people, or if you would like a larger unit, please add the upgrade fee, if applicable to your package, or just submit the Condo Rental fee for the unit size you are requesting according to your VNI Service Agreement. You may request a 2-bedroom unit that accommodates up to 6 people, or a 3-bedroom unit that accommodates up to 8 people. Please keep in mind that these units are based on a space available basis.

*When requesting more than one week consecutively or more than one unit concurrently:

You may use as many of your package weeks during the year as you desire. However, when making a request you may not exceed:

  • 1 unit for two consecutive weeks
  • 2 units concurrently for one week

If you desire to book more than one week in any given month and it exceeds the above listed parameters you must have a week break in between each week, or additional fees will apply. Please keep in mind that the fees are for each request, each unit, each week. (i.e. If you book two weeks with one unit you would double your fees. If you book two units for one week you would also double your fees. Each unit requested is counted as a week, and that is how it is deducted from your account.)

Reservation Request Form