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Airfare + Hotel from Newark, NJ

Colorado Springs, CO
Cost: Cost: $650.00 per person BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY
Dates: February 10, 2020 to February 14, 2020

Rocky Mountains, CO (via Denver): An Outdoorsy Oasis
Adventure seekers flock to these majestic mountain peaks for fun in the fresh mountain air.

Editor’s favorite watering hole: The Mexican food at Rio’s is good, but the margaritas are to die for! It’s a known fact that you can only drink up to three, or else you won’t even be able to stumble out the door.

Local tipple: Coors Light is the drink of choice (it is brewed in the Rockies), but the many microbrews around town are a close second (and are our personal favorites). Take the short tour at the Coors Brewery and get straight to the samples.

Get your game on: “Rock Pile” tickets for bleacher seats at Coors Field are only $4, which is almost as good as free.

Did we mention it’s free? Red Rocks Park is located at 6,200 feet above sea level and has countless trails. Its naturally formed, open-air amphitheater is considered the eighth world wonder.

Good to know: Although Denver is officially on the plains next to the mountains, it’s still at a high altitude. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Try aspirin or drink caffeine to curb altitude headaches, and wear SPF!

Chill-out spot: If your definition of chilling out means biking, running, playing ultimate Frisbee, and such, you?ll find like-minded folks in Washington Park on the weekends.

Where the locals go: Dive bars like Candle Light Tavern, with darts, pool, foosball, and more are always packed. Otherwise, follow locals outside. Try rock climbing, biking, running, trail running, kayaking, hiking–you name it, it’s here.

Local flavor: Steak and Colorado lamb are always tops in the Mile High City, but if you’re craving Japanese, then Sushi Den on Pearl Street, is the place to see and be seen (yes, even though CO is land-locked).

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