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Airefare + Hotel from Houston, TX

Salt Lake City/Park City, UT
Cost: Cost: $605.00 per person BASED ON DOUBLE OCCUPANCY
Dates: Dates: February 05, 2019 to February 09, 2019

Salt Lake City, UT: Wasatch Wonderland
Mountains, canyons, and ski slopes put the beauty in Utah, and a growing art scene makes Salt Lake City a surprisingly “in” place to visit.

Get your bearings: Street addresses are coordinates within Salt Lake City’s famous grid system. The major streets run north-south and east-west, with the origin being the southeast corner of Temple Square.

Where the locals go: For hip, funky shops and a laidback coffeehouse in a restored theater, head to the Sugar House neighborhood, named for the 1930s obelisk at the intersection of 1100 East and Highland Drive.

Local tipple: Getting a drink in this city might seem tough at first, because the bars aren’t called bars–they’re “non-exclusive private clubs”. They look like bars in every way, all you have to do is buy a “membership,” which is similar to a cover.

Editor’s favorite watering hole: With a floor-to-ceiling bar, the Red Door is definitely not your typical Utah “Regal Beagle.” Once an office space, this trendy nightspot is the place to sip martinis and watch the scene.

The real deal: While anyone can visit Temple Square and take the free 45-minute tour, only Mormons can access the inside of the Temple.

Take a hike, buddy: Take a five-mile hike on the White Pine Lake trail in Little Cottonwood Canyon, just south of Big Cottonwood Canyon. Or start at This is the Place Park and bike the Emigration Canyon Trail, which was once part of the Pony Express.

Did’ja know? The Great Salt Lake is fish-free and has no water-flow outlet. And although the largest underwater critters are brine shrimp, it’s one of the best birding spots in the country.

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